Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell direct to the public?

Yes, via phone, fax or email.

Do you sell abroad?

Yes we sell worldwide. Please contact us for a quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Switch, Visa Debit, Solo, Cheque, Cash, Paypal, Postal Order and Bank Transfer. We do not currently accept American Express.

Do you offer a warranty on your parts?

All ignition units come with a 5 year warranty. All coils come with a 1 year warranty. Warranties are only valid if the original labels are attached to the parts and proof of purchase is supplied.

Do You Supply Magneto Conversion Kits?

No - please see our dealer list for companies that do.

Do You Supply Kits For Distributor Twins?

Yes we make a kit that will fit a modified 18D2 distributor: KIT00262

Why Do I Need To Use Suppressed Plug Caps?

MKIII and MKIV do not require suppressed plug caps for operation although we recommend using supressed 5000 ohm plug caps. Micro Digital and Micro Power units must be fitted with supressed plug caps. Plug caps fitted with suppression resistors are usually fitted to prevent radio interference. Radio interference (noise) can cause more complex electronic circuits like radios and computers to malfunction.

Our Micro Digital and Micro Power ignition systems contain a small computer operating at high speed that can be adversely affected by radio frequency interference. Symptoms can range from refusal to start to intermittent engine stalling symptoms. Use of non-suppressed plug caps has been known to cause permanent damage to the ignition unit.

What HT leads do i need to use with Boyer Bransden ignition system?

For all our motorcycle ignition systems, copper wire leads with 5000 Ohm suppressed plug cap is our preferred method, although the MK4 systems can be used without any suppression on the H.T. leads if required. When using Suppressed spark plugs, non-supressed caps are recommended. We don't recommend carbon core HT leads because the resistance of the core will vary with the length used and can increase greatly with vibration and age. Although this increasing resistance should not damage an ignition unit, the ignition coil will work at higher voltage and the spark at the plug will become progressively weaker as the core degrades. All Micro Power kits are supplied with copper core HT lead.

Why Can't I Use A Micro Power Coil With An MK3 Or Micro Digital System?

The very high currents that would flow would damage both the unit and the coil. the Micro Power coil can only be used with the Micro Power ignition unit; Micro Digital and MK3 ignition units are designed to work with contact breaker type ignition coils only.

How Can I Tell What Ignition System Is Fitted On My Bike?

Look for the colour of the ignition unit and what type of coils you are running:

MKIII and MKIV - ignition boxes are black and run with the original coils or similar replacements

Micro Digital - ignition boxes are red (old style Micro Power ignitions were also red) and run with the original coils or similar replacements

Micro Power - ignition boxes are blue (old style Micro Power ignitions were red) and run with miniature specialist coils

ID units - positive units are red, negative units are black (these systems both have LED's positioned at the top of the unit)

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