The Boyer Bransden Micro MarkIV

Currently available in MKIV versions:

KIT00047 Norton Jubilee/Navigator 12v (modification required to fit)
KIT00051 Triumph/BSA Single Side Points 12v
KIT00052 Triumph/BSA Twin 12v
KIT00053 Norton Atlas/Commando 12v
KIT00054 Triumph/BSA 3 cylinder
KIT00059 Triumph/BSA Distributor Single 12v
KIT00060 Triumph/BSA Single/Twin 6v (Dynamo only)
KIT00064 Enfield India Bullet 350/500
KIT00079 Triumph/BSA Distributor Single 6v (Dynamo only)

Mark IV unitThe Boyer Bransden range of Analogue MKIII ignition units are being progressively changed to improved MKIV versions. The changes are designed to improve the timing stability if engine starting with a very low or variable battery voltage. The design changes are internal and do not affect the external appearance of the unit. Identified by the 'MKIV' caption on the label the new units are fully interchangeable with previously produced MK3 and MK1a units, and offer improved performance for both electric and kick start machines. All Digital and Power designs will remain as before.

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